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Stem Cell Treatment

We provide one-on-one consultations and informational seminars educating our clients on the amazing science behind stem-cell treatment and how it can positively impact your life!  This treatment is typically for musculotskeletal and arthritic joint pain.

The procedure can completly take place in our Escalon office.  This is an out-patient procedure and our clients have loved their experience!  Check out a few testimonials below!

If you are interested please email us HERE or call 209-838-3434

Stem cells are great for treatment because they have the ability to change and adapt into any healthy cell.  We use umbilical cord cells provided by one of two labs: Invitrx and New Life Regenerative Medicine.  To learn more about how Invitrx ( or New Life Regenerative Medicine ( stem cells can benefit you, visit their website! 



Interested in becoming a New Patient? We have our stem-cell forms available for download and print!

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