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Cosmetic Procedures

Now featuring cosmetic procedures that include Botox® + Juvederm®!

Why consider a cosmetic filler like Juvederm®? Juvederm® is the number one selling filler in the United States for it's ability to add volume and smoothness in a subtle way that is also long- lasting! Juvederm® uses Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural acurring substance in the skin.  HA helps with smoothness, retaining moisture and adds volume.  This is perfect for anyone that is experiencing a loss of volume in the apples of the cheeks, increased depth in "laugh lines" and the appearance of vertical lip lines. 

Why consider Botox®? Botox® has the ability to improve the look of deep lines within 24-48 hours.  A small injection into the muscle, temporarily improves the look of crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines. One of the best things about Botox® is that you will still look like yourself... only with less crows feet and frown lines!

Our medical staff performs these treatment in our newly remodeled treatment room.  Contact us with any question that you might have! 209-838-3434