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Escalon Physical Medicine

Our Holistic Approach


We are dedicated to more than just making the pain disappear.  It is our goal to educate our patients so that they understand how to take care of their body and improve their quality of life.  We want the best for you, mind, body & soul.  Our services encompass whole health.  We treat common complaints by understanding the root cause and applying the best-practices the wellness industry has to offer. This is why we provide cutting edge treatments, in office, like:  cold-laser therapy, stem-cell injections, chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression!


Chiropractic Care and Services


 Medical Procedures & Services

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& Treatment

We couldn’t be more honored to be trusted with your care.  We know that living with pain is no way to live at all.  There is more to our treatment process then just masking a symptom with a medication.  It is our goal to increase your mobility, daily function and decrease pain, without surgery or traditional medication.  Our variety of services range from chiropractic adjustments to medical procedures like Trigger Point Injections. Check out some of these offerings below. 

Massage Therapy Available Now!



The pain from patients who suffer from neuropathy can often times be debilitating.  We don't want that! We currently offer treatment that does not involve pain medication!


chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments have been used as a powerful tool to improve pain, circulation and solve a variety of common ailments.  We would love to see you in the office!

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stem cell treatment

We use the revolutionary science of stem-cell treatment to create new tissue growth that may help alleviate some painful conditions.  We are very happy with the results our clients have experienced!


weight loss

Currently featuring a doctor supervised weight loss program. This program includes immuno-support, supplements, high-quality protein powder, MCT oil for brain-health, natural detox, and much more! 

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Service providerss

& Staff

The team at Escalon Physical Medicine is dedicated to providing you with a happy and helpful experience from the moment you set foot into our office.  The variety in techniques and trainings from our Doctors allow us to offer more services than your typical chiropractic office.  All of our office staff is happy to assist you and accommodate your schedule!  

Escalon integrative health

Meet jana brocchini, fnp

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dr. michael clark, mike bystrom, dr. john bystrom

Escalon Integrative Health

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Escalon Integrative Health

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Escalon, CA

We are located on the corner of 4th Street and Jackson Avenue (Hwy 120.)  Escalon is centrally located between Manteca and Oakdale and is just north of Modesto, CA.  We hope you take the short drive and discover this lovely community. Our clients are the best! 


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